Matt and Jake’s Final Video


We chose to make a video revolving around Stewart Hall. We basically meandered around the building achieving multiple shots to sum up the department in a whole. We are both Mass Communications majors so this was a good topic for both of us. We shot using the Ipad kits provided by St. Cloud State University. This included a tripod, Rode shotgun microphone, and of course the Ipad itself. After shooting, we then used Adobe’s Premier Pro to edit the video clips into a flowing finished product. We both included our intended emphasis on the Mass Communications major. We used a variety of shot types that will be listed below.

Music: Killertracks– After Sun by: Linden Valentine.

Shot Types:

00:00 Shot 1- Panning wide shot

00:04 Shot 2- Close tilt

00:07 Shot 3- Wide pan and tilt

00:11 Shot 4- Extreme Wide shot

00:14 Shot 5- Mid-shot with lower third

00:18 Shot 6- Crawling title

00:37 Shot 7- Close Up

00:39 Shot 8- Mid shot with lower third

01:02 Shot 9- Close up

01:04 Shot 10- Tilting close up

01:08 Shot 11- Extreme close up

01:11 Sot 12- Rolling credits


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